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{ لَّقَدْ صَدَقَ ٱللَّهُ رَسُولَهُ ٱلرُّءْيَا بِٱلْحَقِّ لَتَدْخُلُنَّ ٱلْمَسْجِدَ ٱلْحَرَامَ إِن شَآءَ ٱللَّهُ آمِنِينَ مُحَلِّقِينَ رُءُوسَكُمْ وَمُقَصِّرِينَ لاَ تَخَافُونَ فَعَلِمَ مَا لَمْ تَعْلَمُواْ فَجَعَلَ مِن دُونِ ذَلِكَ فَتْحاً قَرِيباً }

…You will assuredly enter the Sacred Mosque in safety, God willing…He was asked, ‘What is meant by making this exception [saying God willing] (istithnāʾ)?’ He said:This is a way of teaching (taʿlīm) and disciplining (taʾdīb) [His] servants, [in order that they should feel] intense neediness (shiddat al-iftiqār) for Him at every moment and in every situation, and by way of emphasis (taʾkīd). If God makes an exception [by saying ‘God willing’] while having full knowledge [of what is to happen], then it is not for one of his servants, who is deficient in knowledge, to determine upon something without making the exception of ‘God willing’. His words, Exalted is He:

Tafsīr al-Tustarī, trans. Annabel Keeler and Ali Keeler
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