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 Name: Professor Hasan Ali Hashem Ahmed AlSaqqaf.

 Place and Year of Birth: Amman/ Jordan, 1961 A.D.،Ammand - Jordan


Early Life and Education

·         He completed the elementary, intermediate, and secondary stages in the Islamic Educational College School, Amman 1978 A.D.

·         He has a bachelor's degree in Arabic Language and Literature from Beirut Arab University.

·         He joined educational seminars in Jordan, Morroco, Syria, and Hejaz where he has been taught by many famous scholars.

·         He obtained the professorship in prophetic tradition from AlBalqa' Applied University, for 110 writings and research papers on prophetic tradition,jurisprudence, creed and exegesis; among which are Sahih Sharh AlA’qeda AlTahaweya,introduction and authentication of AL-Ulow for AlDahabi, and Sahih Sifat Salat AlNabei (PBUH) are the most important works; in addition to other works that are mentioned in his book list.


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