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* تفسير Kashf Al-Asrar Tafsir

{ لِنُرِيَكَ مِنْ آيَاتِنَا ٱلْكُبْرَىٰ }

That We may show thee some of Our greatest signs.

The greatest sign was the witnessing and finding that came to him, the varieties of states perceived by the servant's tasting that do not derive from self-exertion and self-determination.

In reality the greatest sign is that which is hidden from the eyes of the creatures and free of the servant's self-exertion and self-determination. Unasked for, a wine comes from the Unseen and reaches the servant's secret core, so he finds its taste in his spirit-a spiritual delight with a hundred thousand hidden drums, an everlasting resurrection. The soul is mixed with companionship, the spirit clinging to its desire, the heart drowned in the light of finding. Because of the drowning the servant does not discern the seeking from the finding. Because of the radiance of finding, it cannot be expressed. He burns in the fire of love and does not turn back from joy.

The Pir of the Tariqah said, “O God, when that which cannot be asked for comes to be found, who asked for it? When something is beyond reward, what is asking next to it? Everything that comes from the rain of favor is the springtime of that very moment, and everything that comes from undertaking and asking is aid sought by the servant. O God, knowledge and striving are the Adamite's tribulation, but everyone's portion from You is worthy of Your beginningless deed.”