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* تفسير Kashani Tafsir

{ وَإِذْ قَالَ إِبْرَاهِيمُ رَبِّ ٱجْعَلْ هَـٰذَا بَلَداً آمِناً وَٱرْزُقْ أَهْلَهُ مِنَ ٱلثَّمَرَاتِ مَنْ آمَنَ مِنْهُمْ بِٱللَّهِ وَٱلْيَوْمِ ٱلآخِرِ قَالَ وَمَن كَفَرَ فَأُمَتِّعُهُ قَلِيلاً ثُمَّ أَضْطَرُّهُ إِلَىٰ عَذَابِ ٱلنَّارِ وَبِئْسَ ٱلْمَصِيرُ }

And when Abraham said, 'My Lord, make this, breast that is the sanctuary of the heart, a land secure, for its people from the domination of the attributes of the soul and the seizing accursed enemy [Satan] and the snatch of the jinn of the corporeal faculties, and provide its people with fruits, the fruits of the gnoses of the spirit or its wisdoms and lights, such of them as believe in God and the Last Day', such of them as affirm the Oneness of God and know [the truth of] the final return. He said, 'And whoever disbelieves, that is, whoever veils himself also from among those who have inhabited the breast but do not transgress its limits to rise to the station of the eye because of their being veiled by knowledge whose receptacle is the breast, to him I shall give a little enjoyment, of intelligible meanings and universal knowables that come down to them from the world of the spirit in the measure that suffices them to live by, then I shall compel him to the chastisement of the Fire, of privation and veiling - how evil a journey's end!', shall be their journey's end chastised as they shall be by their defeciency and the pain of privation.