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* تفسير Asbab Al-Nuzul by Al-Wahidi

{ حَتَّىٰ إِذَا بَلَغَ مَطْلِعَ ٱلشَّمْسِ وَجَدَهَا تَطْلُعُ عَلَىٰ قَوْمٍ لَّمْ نَجْعَل لَّهُمْ مِّن دُونِهَا سِتْراً }

(And they say: We will not put faith in thee till thou cause a spring to gush forth from the earth for us) [18:90]. ‘Ikrimah reported that Ibn ‘Abbas related that ‘Utbah, Shaybah, Abu Sufyan, al-Nadr ibn al-Harith, Abu’l-Bukhturi, al-Walid ibn al-Mughirah, Abu Jahl, ‘Abd Allah ibn Ubayy ibn Umayyah, Umayyah ibn Khalaf, and the chiefs of Quraysh gathered in front of the Ka‘bah and said to each other: “Send for Muhammad, speak to him, and argue with him so that others do not blame you about him”. They sent to him with a message that the nobles of your people have gathered and want to speak with you. He came promptly, thinking that they had changed their mind about him, for he was keen to see them guided and was pained for their stubbornness. When he sat with them, they said: ‘O Muhammad, by Allah we do not know of any man among the Arabs who has introduced to his people what you have introduced. You have insulted our forefathers, censored our religion, accused us of ignorance, slandered our idols, divided the community and you have not left anything revolting except that you have placed it between us and you. Now, if you have brought all this to seek wealth, we will collect from our wealth so that you become the richest among us; if you seek status, we will make you our chief; if you seek kingship, we will make you our king; and if the jinn that appears to you has completely overwhelmed you, we will spend our money to get you the right medicine to cure you or discharge our duty toward you’. The Messenger of Allah, Allah bless him and give him peace, said to them: ‘I do not have what you accuse me of. I did not bring you what I brought to seek wealth, status or kingship. Rather, it is Allah, glorious and majestic is He, Who has sent me to you as a Messenger. He has revealed to me a Scripture and commanded me to be a carrier of good tiding as well as a warner. I have conveyed to you the message of my Lord and advised you well. If you accept that which I have brought you, it is your share in this world and in the next.

Asbab Al-Nuzul by Al-Wahidi , trans. Mokrane Guezzou

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