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* تفسير Tafsir al-Jalalayn

{ مَّن ذَا ٱلَّذِي يُقْرِضُ ٱللَّهَ قَرْضاً حَسَناً فَيُضَٰعِفَهُ لَهُ أَضْعَافاً كَثِيرَةً وَٱللَّهُ يَقْبِضُ وَيَبْسُطُ وَإِلَيْهِ تُرْجَعُونَ }

Who is he that will lend God a loan by expending his property in the way of God that is good by expending it for the sake of God Mighty and Majestic out of pureness of heart and He will multiply yudā‘if also read yuda‘‘if it for him manifold? up to ten or seven hundred times or more as will be mentioned soon. God straitens sustenance for whomever He wills in order to try him and enlarges it in abundance for whomever He wills in order to test him; and to Him you shall be returned in the Hereafter through the Resurrection where He will requite you for your deeds.

Tafsir al-Jalalayn, trans. Feras Hamza
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