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* تفسير Tafsir al-Jalalayn

{ قَالَ رَبِّ ٱجْعَل لِيۤ آيَةً قَالَ آيَتُكَ أَلاَّ تُكَلِّمَ ٱلنَّاسَ ثَلاَثَ لَيَالٍ سَوِيّاً }

He said ‘Lord appoint for me some sign’ namely some indication of my wife’s becoming pregnant. Said He ‘Your sign for this is that you shall not speak to people that is that you should refrain from speaking to them but not from speaking the remembrance of God exalted be He for three nights that is together with the days thereof as stated in sūrat Āl ‘Imrān ‘for three days’ Q. 341 while you are in sound health’ sawiyyan a circumstantial qualifier referring to the subject of the verb tukallima ‘you shall not speak’ in other words despite there being no defect in you.

Tafsir al-Jalalayn, trans. Feras Hamza
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