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* تفسير Kashf Al-Asrar Tafsir

{ وَقِفُوهُمْ إِنَّهُمْ مَّسْئُولُونَ }

And halt them. Surely they will be questioned.

One group will be questioned by way of rebuke, and another group will be questioned because of chastisement. Those who are the folk of chastisement will be kept on the bridge of the Narrow Path and will be questioned before witnesses, while God is angry toward them. It will be said to them, “Today I have thrown your judgment back to you: Thy soul suffices thee today as a reckoner against thee [17:14].” Their black register and bad deeds will be held before their faces. It will be said, “When these are someone's works, what is his recompense?” Unwillingly they will say, “His recompense is the Fire.” Then the call will come, “Enter it by your own judgment!”

It has been reported that when Pharaoh claimed Godhood and said, “I am your Lord the most high” [79:24], Gabriel came into his road in the form of a mortal man and asked him, “What do you say about a chieftain who pulls up his slave, gives him possessions, position, and blessings, and then makes him the headman and paragon for others, but the slave wants to be the paragon over his own chieftain. What is his recompense?”

Pharaoh said, “His recompense is that he be drowned in water so that others may take heed of him.”

From the Exalted Presence the command came, “O Gabriel, remember this fatwa on the day when I pull him into the sea and drown him by his own fatwa.”

As for the group who are questioned by way of rebuke and not because of chastisement, they are those who are faithful in belief, tawḤīd-voicers through the affection in their hearts and the truthfulness of their love, but they are sinners and have fallen short in their deeds. The Real will question them, but He will conceal their defects from the people. He will remind them of their sins, but He will not hold back His pardon and forgiveness from them, and He will question them in seclusion. A sound report says, “God will bring the person of faith close, then place His wing over him and curtain him. He will say, 'Do you recognize this sin? Do you recognize that sin?'

“He will say, 'Yes, my Lord,' until he confirms his sins and sees in himself that he will perish.