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* تفسير Kashani Tafsir

{ وَإِذَا رَأَيْتَ ٱلَّذِينَ يَخُوضُونَ فِيۤ ءَايَاتِنَا فَأَعْرِضْ عَنْهُمْ حَتَّىٰ يَخُوضُواْ فِي حَدِيثٍ غَيْرِهِ وَإِمَّا يُنسِيَنَّكَ ٱلشَّيْطَٰنُ فَلاَ تَقْعُدْ بَعْدَ ٱلذِّكْرَىٰ مَعَ ٱلْقَوْمِ ٱلظَّٰلِمِينَ }

When you see those who engage in discourse about Our signs, that is, Our attributes, by manifesting the attributes of their souls and affirming that they possess knowledge and power; turn away from them, for they are veiled and are idolaters. And if Satan should make you forget, by seducing you with falsehoods and superstitions and through the evil insinuations of your soul such that you manifest yourself through some of its attributes and end up corresponding to these [idolaters] in genus, inclining to companionship of them, then do not sit after, having remembered by Our reminding of you, with the folk, who have committed evil against their souls by placing their attributes in place of My attributes and veiling these [souls] with their attributes. For companionship of them has influence and you are on the verge of succumbing to becoming veiled by the misfortune of their company by means of variegation.