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About the Integrated Technology Group

The Integrated Technology Group was chosen to develop Altafsir.com for its staff’s technical know-how coupled with their knowledge and solid background in the subject of the Tafasir and Quran. The Integrated Technology Group is a leading international IT company based in Jordan, providing fully integrated IT solutions and support services.
ITG was established in 1989, and operates through three main subsidiaries:
  • EPOCH Technologies: the Group’s Software Development arm.
  • JAID Productions: the Group’s New Media & Visual Production arm.
  • TriAx Automation: the Group’s Hardware Automation arm.

In addition to being active in the Jordanian marketplace, ITG has been exporting its technologies, products and services to markets in the Middle East, the Arab Gulf, North Africa and Europe since 1991, with exports reaching up to 85% of its operations.